Environmental toxins and your health

The old saying you are what you eat goes beyond just the food you are putting in your body. At any given moment we are surrounded by toxins, both externally and internally. Not only are these environmental toxins a major contributor to chronic illnesses world-wide they also play a role in the ability to lose weight ¹. Many environmental toxins are fat soluble and because the fat cells within our bodies are a very neutral environment they become perfect storage centers for these toxins.  These fat cells then act as the “buffer” that protects our bodies from various toxins. When we are exposed to these toxins our bodies tend to keep and store fat because it is a major protective mechanism against toxic exposure ². These toxins can come from numerous sources like water, pesticides, plastic containers, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, household and personal cleaning products, etc! For those of you who are interested in what you can do to lower your exposure to these toxins here are a few recommendations. First off stick to the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen list when it comes to choosing organic foods. This is a list of the dozen foods you should avoid or only eat organic because of their high levels of pesticide and chemical contamination.  Secondly, make the switch to glass bottles and Tupperware. Plastic containers can release endocrine disrupting chemicals into your water and food leading to developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune dysfunction ³. Lastly I recommend checking out the Honest Company. They offer great natural, chemical free cleaning, personal and baby products at really affordable monthly rates.


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